My name is Jim.

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Jim is a entrepreneur, teacher, designer and speaker.

With almost 10 years experience in strategy, marketing and communication, he works as an advisor for both large multinationals as well as smaller startups in different organizational layers. By applying different design (thinking) methods he aims to unlock potential, innovation, and creative equity in an organization and convey concepts and key messages to their stakeholders. 

Jim Steenbakkers (MSc.), also teaches as a university lecturer at the Technical University of Eindhoven, as a responsible lecturer for courses such as ‘Introduction to Business Design’ and ‘Innovating by Design’. He also conducts research on the role of design (thinking) strategies in business areas. 

How I help you to


I help you to tinker and conceptualize your BHAG's, dormant radical ideas and disruptive innovations, using design tools and methods.


I help you to translate your brand into a seamless experience for your users. Boosting your exposure and brand equity.


I help you to convey your key messages to the right targeted audiences by dropping bombs of surprise and spot-on campaigns.


I help you to fall in love with your customer, so that they can fall in love with your ideas and stories, with striking stories.

Incudem - Power to citizens
Client- VolkerWessels

Role - Marketing & Innovation Director
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'I have enough jewelry' - said no one ever...
Client - Melano Jewelry

Role - Creative Director
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Transforming a secondment agency

Client - REEF

Role - Creative Director
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Brand book, Brand Strategy, Launching Campaign, Visual Design & Logo design


Brand Strategy, Visual Design & Logo Design, store strategy, Packaging Design, Campaigns


Brand Strategy, Campaigns, Commercial, Visual Design & Logo design
, Award organization

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